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                  Jiangyin YOBO
                  Address:The 2nd,Huanxi road,                   Huashitown,jiangyin
                                  city,jiangsu province
                  Manager: Shen Jin Long
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                Jiangyin YOBO chemical Industry co,.LTD was located in Huashi town Jiangyincity in Jiangsu province .Huashi town is one of the most important a- nd mainstay town in Jiangyin city .The famous Hua- xi village is in Huashi town .From our company to Jiangyin city 25KM to Nanjing-180KM to Suzhou-100K M and to the International city Shanghai is only 150KM……
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                Flam retardant polyether polyol
                (Flame,nomal retardant)high elasticity foam mixed materials
                The hard bubble in half foam combination anticipates
                Water dispersed polymer thane adhesive
                Flam retardant polyether polyolYB-3081
                Flam retardant polyether polyol YB3082
                (Flame,nomal retardant)high elast icity foam mixed materialsYB-518X
                The hard bubble in half foam combination anticipatesYB-718X
                Technical support::Jiangyin nameless science and technology